Yes, You DO Need Furnace Maintenance! Here’s Why.

By September 3, 2017July 29th, 2018Heating & Furnace
Yes, You DO Need Furnace Maintenance! Here’s Why.

You may not be ready for summer to end, but the seasons will be changing soon. Fall is coming with cooler days and downright chilly nights, which means it’ll be time to turn on the furnace.

The question is: will yours be ready to take on the cold? Or will it sputter and die the moment you need it most?

You may have put off maintaining it, or maybe you do it once in a while when you think about it – or worse, only when something goes wrong! But maintenance is more than a routine way to put a couple bucks out of pocket each fall. Routine maintenance has a number of benefits that you may not even be aware of. Here are four of those benefits, so if you haven’t been keeping up with your furnace, this just may convince you to get back on track.

Save Money

Would you turn off your air conditioner on a hot summer day, or likewise turn off your heat on a cold winter night just to save money? Of course not! Because your family’s comfort is important. But did you know that you can do both? Save money and be more comfortable?

Regularly maintaining your furnace will keep it running longer and more efficiently. That means you’ll spend less overall on heating your home. It also means less money for repairs, fewer failing parts to replace and a system that lasts longer without needing an expensive do-over.

It's no secret that furnaces get less efficient over time. That can cost a lot more in repairs and energy bills than a maintenance contract! Ask about ours.

Avoid Inconvenient Failures

Saving money on repairs is great, but avoiding the need for repairs is even better. Let’s face it: you’re only going to notice that your furnace isn’t working when you turn it on – and that’s likely when you need it most.

Do you want to be waiting in your scarf and gloves for a repair, or would you rather have a functioning furnace? Clogged drain lines, dirty burners and poorly lubricated parts can cause costly failures. But regular maintenance will check for potential problems before they leave you shivering.

Be Safe

Left to its own devices, your furnace can become a safety and health hazard. Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, and even a small problem can lead to major threats. Faulty gas combustion can cause carbon monoxide leaks, which is poisonous and even deadly to pets and people.

Malfunctioning controls can also cause sparks that can lead to fires or explosions. When it comes to your family’s safety, a few minutes each fall to ensure that your furnace is up to par will give you peace of mind that you can’t put a dollar value on.

Breathe Easier

Have you seen what happens to those air filters after a few months? We bet you have! If you’re like lots of people, you forget to change them and the next thing you know, many months have passed and the filters that are supposed to be helping to clean the air you breathe are black as soot.

Now imagine all of that clogging up your ducts and recirculating back through your house. Germs, allergens, dust, pollutants, a dead bug or two…

Probably not what you’d like to be inhaling back into your lungs, is it? Fail to replace or clean your filters for long enough and all that gunk can start to build up right in your ducts. And clogged filters will also restrict airflow through your HVAC system, making it work harder, which translates to worse efficiency, more cost to run, and a likelier chance of breaking down.

But with routine professional maintenance, you know that someone will be checking, cleaning and replacing filters on a regular schedule. That means a lot for your family’s health and wellness, keeping colds, flus, allergies and asthma attacks at bay.

Keep your air cleaner and your family healthier with some simple maintenance steps. Let us help!

Can You Do It Yourself?

Here’s what you can do: replace or clean those filters every three months! But when it comes to maintenance, you’re better off leaving it to a licensed HVAC contractor.

Professionals have the certifications, training and tools to properly inspect and maintain your system. Some parts are fragile and require care, so if you’re not well-versed in the system, you could inadvertently cause significant damage.

There are safety considerations as well. Your furnace is connected to a fuel source like gas or oil, which is combustible. Indulging your inner DIYer is not worth the risk of making a misstep while working with dangerous connections.

Plus, you’re less likely to understand what goes into furnace maintenance because it’s simply not your job to know. Everything from belts to blowers, burners, motors, fan coils, condensate pans, switches, flame sensors and more needs to be checked, cleaned, perhaps fixed, and tested to be sure they’re in working order.

Your best bet is to have an annual maintenance contract so that you know you’re getting a professional inspection and maintenance. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting, because your HVAC contractor will remind you to schedule a checkup at regular intervals.

If your furnace needs maintenance or a fall tune-up, let us know. We have annual furnace maintenance contracts that not only provide you with peace of mind knowing your system is safe, efficient and functional, but will also get you some other perks, like discounts on parts and labor.

Call us at (732) 316-5554 or get in touch with us online and let us know how we can help keep you more comfortable.