Why Upgrading To A Smart WiFi Thermostat Is The Best Thing You’ll Do This Year

By March 4, 2019HVAC Systems
Why Upgrading To A Smart WiFi Thermostat Is The Best Thing You’ll Do This Year

Does the thought of new technology make you cringe a little bit? Do you occasionally worry that your home may one day be “smarter” than you? Do your kids (or even grandkids) despair that you’ll never be “on fleek” (if you have any idea what that means, you can probably stop reading now!)

If any of those sound like you, you’re certainly not alone. But this year, it just may be time to dip your toe into technology with a WiFi (also referred to as “wireless”) thermostat. It’s a small step that can yield big advantages and we promise it’s no more complicated to use than your smart phone. In fact, if you’ve got one of those, then you already have everything you need to run your smart thermostat.

Here are some of the benefits of switching your old thermostat to a newfangled WiFi one.

Save Money On Energy Costs

If you’re thinking of upgrading from an old-fashioned manual thermostat, you’ll probably see some substantial savings.

Even a lesser jump – from a traditional programmable thermostat to a smart thermostat, for example – can net you a nice amount of savings.

Smart thermostats not only allow you to create schedules so that you won’t be heating or cooling an empty house while you’re at work or away, but some can even learn your habits and adjust to a comfortable temperature on the fly.

Come home early from work? Your smart thermostat will sense it and kick in. Leave for the day and arrive home much later than expected? Your smart thermostat will know, and keep the temperature at an “away” level rather than simply running a preconfigured program.

Some models even use geofencing to alert them when you’re nearby so the heating or cooling will turn on without a bit of effort from you.

All of that smartness adds up to savings for you. Instead of running your heating or air conditioning unnecessarily, it will turn on and off only as needed, to match your ideal temperature.

Ready to get 'smart' about saving money? Ask us about installing a wifi thermostat in your home.

Easily And Instantly Adjust Your Comfort Level

If you’re anything like a lot of smart phone users, you probably sleep with your phone right by your bed – maybe even IN your bed. But chances are you don’t sleep with your thermostat, and we don’t want you to start!

With a wifi thermostat, you can control the temperature in your house no matter where you are, as long as your smart phone is nearby. Too cold at night? Reach for the smart phone and adjust the heat without getting out of bed. Too hot? Do the same for the air conditioner. In fact, you can do it from the dinner table when Aunt Gertrude complains about the temperature, or from the couch if you’ve worked up a sweat watching the basketball playoffs.

One of the niftiest things about a smart thermostat is that it can learn and adjust based on your preferences. You won’t have to keep turning the temperature up on chilly evenings as the sun goes down. Even without programming your thermostat to do it, it will – sooner rather than later – learn your ideal comfort levels and change the temperature for you.

Never Worry About Forgetting To Reset The Thermostat Schedule

Even a programmable thermostat can be less than ideal if you’re traveling. It’s great when you keep a regular schedule, but if you take off for the weekend or even a month or more, you probably don’t need the house to warm up to 70 degrees by 6AM or stick to 68 degrees during the day.

Why spend money heating and cooling an empty house – even if it is on schedule? And why stress about yet one more thing to remember to do before you leave? Worse, why lament all that wasted money when you forget?

Use your wifi thermostat – and smart phone – to adjust the temperature on the fly from anywhere in the world.

Better yet, if there are unexpectedly hot or cold days, whether you’re away or simply at work for the day, you can adjust the temperature to save money, or to keep the pipes from freezing, or to keep Fido more comfortable until you get home.

Summer home, winter home, whether you're there or away... set the ideal temperature from wherever you are, any time you need to. Ask us to install a smart thermostat for you!

Get Alerts, Send Alerts And Never Worry About The Temperature Again

So far you’ve got a smart thermostat that knows when you arrive home, remembers your favorite temperatures, and can be controlled from anywhere in a last-minute weather emergency. Sounds good, right?

But wait, there’s more! You may be wondering how you’d know if there’s a weather emergency without constantly checking the weather report, which might be a bit much if you’re lounging on a tropical beach somewhere or enjoying a skiing vacation in the mountains.

Good news! Your wifi thermostat has you covered there, too. It can alert you via text or email if the temperature in your home gets too high or too low based on whatever limits you’ve set.

Many smart thermostats can even communicate with outdoor sensors, so you’ll know exactly what the weather conditions are around your home, not only for temperature but for humidity levels, too. With that information, you can adjust the thermostat to perfectly suit your needs at that exact moment.

Ok, but what if you ARE in the mountains, and the wifi is pretty spotty? You want to be off the grid, not constantly checking for alerts. Yep, there’s a solution fo that, too. Simply add other contacts to your alerts and you can let someone ELSE know when your thermostat needs to be adjusted. Add your mom, cousin, neighbor, best friend… anyone you’d rely on to water the houseplants… or adjust the thermostat… while you’re away.

This can even come in handy if something goes wrong and your system stops working altogether. Alert a backup contact who can meet your HVAC contractor to fix the problem before you come home to a disaster. Or set up alerts for your summer house to let you know about problems during winter months when nobody is there. Alerts beat busted pipes any day of the week!

Keep Up With Maintenance Effortlessly

You know it’s vital to keep your HVAC system maintained, but do you always remember to call your contractor? Even if you have a maintenance agreement, do you always remember to schedule the appointment?

With a wifi thermostat, you get a built-in secretary, one who not only alerts you when maintenance is needed, but lets you know if there are any issues with your system. Get a text or email any time efficiency drops, for example, due to a dirty filter. Be instantly alerted to clogged coils, low refrigerant, or other common problems that can otherwise result in a very uncomfortable emergency.

Smart wifi thermostats are a data-lovers dream. Get statistics to keep track of how much energy you use, and even see system diagnostics. Together, these can help you keep your system in top shape, remind you of important maintenance tasks, and let you know when there’s a problem that needs to be addressed – all before it becomes a disaster.

Impress Your Kids

Let’s face it, there’s a little part of you that loves the coolness factor of jumping into tech. We get it! And when it comes to the coolness factor, wifi thermostats don’t disappoint.

Beyond all the incredibly useful things they can do, they also have a fun side. There are units that can display your digital photos, play music, even change color to match your mood or your walls!

If any of these things appeals to you, and you’re thinking of upgrading to a smart thermostat, let us know. We’ll visit your home for a free estimate and make recommendations based on your current setup and needs.

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