R22 Refrigerant Ban Gets Costly For Homeowners.

What Can You Do?

r22 refrigerant ban can get costly

EPA Bans R22 (Brand Name Freon)

The EPA’s ban on R22, a refrigerant that you may be more familiar with under the brand name of Freon, is in full effect. By the year 2020, 99.5% of R22 will be phased out and banned from production.

Already 90% of R22 has been phased out.

If your air conditioner was installed in 2010 or earlier, it could cost you thousands to refill refrigerant!

You don’t need a degree in economics to understand how supply and demand are going to affect the cost of running your HVAC system if it still uses the banned gas.

We’ve already seen costs quadruple over the past year.

Why Was It Banned?

Believe it or not, in as far back as the 1970s, the EPA determined that R22 was partly responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

The Montreal Protocol was developed as an international response to the crisis and R22, a chlorine-containing gas that harms the environment, was scheduled for a phase out over the next several decades.

As of 2010, air conditioner manufacturers were required to stop producing R22-consuming machines.

What Are Your Options?

Run your air conditioner for as long as possible and hope it doesn’t break down during the hottest day of the year, which seems to be the ONLY way it happens, or plan ahead for a new system NOW while you can save big with incentives.

The state of New Jersey and local utility companies are both offering rebates to help offset the cost of replacing old air conditioning units.

Depending on your area, rebates for installing a new air conditioner can range from $500 up to $2,000.

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