Heating System Installation For New Jersey Commercial Properties

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Heating systems have a tremendous impact on commercial properties, especially those that rely on the productivity of employees and comfort of visitors and guests. And commercial buildings and offices can be spacious, adding to the complexity of heating them sufficiently.

The heating needs of commercial spaces can also vary from one part of the building to another. The front desk near the door has different heating requirements than a room full of computers. Commercial buildings have unique heating needs, so before we provide you with a quote, we’ll visit your building for a free audit.

We specialize in cost-effective heating solutions, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. We also provide annual service and maintenance agreements, and assessments of your heating system to evaluate its energy efficiency.

Our commercial customers include Better Homes Realty, Campbell’s, Chili’s, Chuck E Cheese, Dunkin Donuts, Drug Enforcement Administration, Exxon, and Cannon to name a few. Our services span markets from manufacturing to automotive, hospitality, data center, government facilities, healthcare, education, professional buildings, places of worship and more.

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Here’s What You Can Expect From Us As Your Commercial Heating Contractors

  • An honest assessment of your needs with a no-obligation free estimate to install a new heating system
  • Professional installation and followup by licensed technicians to ensure that your investment is working for you
  • A one-year guarantee that your installation will be free from defects in workmanship
  • Maintenance programs available to keep your new heating system working at top efficiency for years to come
  • Installation in new constructions or existing buildings, designed for the unique heating requirements of each space

The people at Coastal have consistently done a great job for us for many years. We use their service program and it has kept our heating and air conditioning equipment running efficiently. We recently had an immediate need and they dispatched a service technician in less than one hour and he took care of the problem immediately. We have dealt with service people from many businesses over the 40 years we have been homeowners and I would rate the people from Coastal among the best if not the best. Highly recommended.

Ann Marciano

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Central Ducted Heating

The familiar ducted heating system can keep your building warm and comfortable, but a good design is just as important as good equipment. A system that is too large or too small, or doesn’t take into account the various heating requirements of different rooms or areas of the building, will be inefficient and cost more to run.

We can size your space, design a heating system, install the ducts and furnace, whether in a new construction or an existing building, and keep it all running smoothly.

Hydronic Or Steam Heating

Hydronic heating systems use water and steam rather than the forced air of a ducted system to warm a space. When you’re looking for a highly energy efficient choice, hydronic heating is a good option. It also uses less fuel than a forcd air system, which is a great choice for the eco-conscious business.

Other benefits include quiet operation, and versatile zone control. In addition, hydronic heating systems are less likely to stir up dust. That can be a real benefit in server rooms, and it makes these systems especially popular in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

If you’re wondering whether hydronic heat is a good choice for your building, contact us for a free estimate.

Ductless Heating Systems

When you have a have an old building with areas that aren’t conducive to running ductwork, or a hard-to-heat room like a back office or a customer service area near a breezy front door, ductless heating units can help maintain tempoerature and comfort.

Ductless heating systems are highly energy-efficient, quiet, and give you all the heating advantages of ducted systems, without the expensive or inconvenient ductwork. They can be individually controlled, which means you can control the temperature of any given room or area independetly of your primary heating system.

Service And Preventive Maintenance

Our commercial heating maintenance program offers you the most economical and flexible methods for maintaining your heating systems so they run at maximum efficiency.

Following a maintenance routine will help you avoid costly emergency situations and will extend the life of your equipment.

For our commercial customers we schedule maintenance exactly when it’s needed. Some buildings need monthly services and others quarterly. Whatever is the best scenario for you, we will design and implement it. We have dedicated maintenance crews for the sole purpose of maintenance, and our maintenance trucks are stocked with all necessary chemicals and power washer equipment.

Commercial Heating Solutions For Any Need

Whatever you need, we can design a solution that works. From small professional buildings to large warehouses, we’ll size your space and make recommendations for cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to suit your unique needs.

We’re available to educate you so you’ll feel confident in your investment. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch right away to find out how we can keep your building comfortable.

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