Ductless Heating Is A Win For Winter

By October 4, 2017July 29th, 2018Heating & Furnace
Ductless Heating Is A Win For Winter

If you’ve got a room that never seems to warm up no matter what temperature you set the thermostat to, you may wonder if there’s any hope of being comfortable this winter. Maybe it’s the bedroom above the garage, or a basement that gets little sun.

Or perhaps you get that stubborn room comfortable only to be stripping off sweaters in other parts of the house as you watch your energy bills rise along with the temperature.

As you pull on another layer of clothing, you consider a space heater. But those can be clunky and take up a good deal of floor space. They can also be a fire hazard and require constant vigilance, whether you’ve got kids, cats or curtains.

What’s a homeowner to do?

The answer may very well be ductless heating. You may have heard of ductless heating and cooling systems, or even seen a unit installed high on a wall. But do you know what they are and how they can benefit you?

There are some great reasons to install ductless heating units. Here’s how these systems work and why you may want to consider one for your home, workshop or even office space.

What Is Ductless Heating?

Ductless HVAC systems, also called split systems, consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. Mounting the indoor unit requires no more than a small hole drilled into the wall, and the compressor unit sits outside much like your air conditioner compressor does.

Both are low-profile – the indoor unit runs about 30 inches by 12, and the compressor is about as big as a small suitcase.

Ductless systems use heat pump technology rather than burning fuel to distribute warm air throughout the room, making them exceptionally efficient and low-cost to run.

And we’re talking about these units in the context of heating because winter is on the way, but these systems do double-duty heating and cooling. So once you’ve installed a unit in a room, you can use it year-round.

Got a tough place to heat, like a room over a garage or a basement? Ask us for a free estimate to install a ductless unit.

They’re Highly Efficient

We mentioned that they’re efficient, but what does that mean? For starters, they use up to 50% less energy than other zoned heating systems such as baseboard or forced air furnaces.

Plus, a typical ducted system will lose up to 30% of its efficiency through air leaks and conduction in the ducts. Since ductless systems work without ducts, they retain that efficiency.

Ductless systems also have variable speed compressors which allow them to run continuously and avoid the energy-intensive ramp-up or down cycle.

Perhaps most significantly, and why many homeowners and even business owners choose ductless systems, is that they let you control the temperature independently in each zone. That means you can stop raising the thermostat for the whole house or building just to get one problem area comfortable.

They’re Quiet, Safe and Durable

If you’re tired of listening to the incessant drone of the blowers in your ducted system or the fan in a space heater, you can ditch the earplugs when you go ductless. These units operate with no more than the sound of a quietly oscillating fan.

Since they don’t burn combustible fuel, they’re safe to run and don’t require venting. And if you use them to cool a room in place of a window air conditioning unit, they don’t pose a security threat and will never fall out the window to crash into the garden below.

They also have a long lifespan. A well-maintained unit can last as long as 20 years and continue function just as efficiently.

Skip the space heater this year. Let's talk about a better way to keep you comfortable.

They Improve Air Quality

The EPA has found that indoor air quality can often be far worse than outdoor. For families with allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses, that can be a big problem.

Traditional ducted systems can contribute to air pollution unless you’re diligent about cleaning ducts. Dust, allergens, bacteria, residue and even the occasional rodent or spider can collect in ducts, affecting the air quality throughout your home.

Ductless systems not only have a multi-stage filtering system but don’t require ducts. They can be a great addition to a room where you’re especially concerned about air quality, like a bedroom or playroom.

They’re Ideal In Less-Than-Ideal Scenarios

Sunrooms, garage workshops, big master bedrooms, basements, or just about any room that is tough to heat during winter (or cool during summer) is a good candidate for a ductless system.

Instead of cranking the heat everywhere, you can control each room with a ductless unit independently. And you can run up to 5 units on one compressor, each with individual temperature control.

Other places suited for ductless units include room additions where it may be costly or impractical to run ductwork, and old homes where the walls can’t accommodate ducts. These discreet units don’t require tearing up walls or ceilings to install and won’t damage the structural integrity of historic buildings.

Ductless units are typically available in white or beige, and can be wall or ceiling mounted. They’re less obtrusive than either a space heater or window air conditioning unit, but if you’re still not too keen on seeing it hanging on a wall, you can choose ductless blowers that double as digital picture frames. You’ll enjoy more comfortable temperatures, and nobody will guess that your lovely vacation photo is a blower in disguise!

Ductless heating systems have been a choice of homes and businesses for decades. They’re energy-efficient, safe, long-lasting, quiet and best of all they can help keep you comfortable by giving you temperature control over individual rooms.

If you’d like to learn more or get an estimate for installing a ductless HVAC system, call us at (732) 316-5554 or contact us online and let us know. We’re available to answer questions or visit your home for a free consultation and estimate.