Cooling Systems For New Jersey Commercial Properties

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Unique Cooling Solutions

Commercial buildings often have unique cooling needs, so before we provide you with a quote, we’ll visit your building for a free audit. We evaluate your space, conduct heat load calculations and assess ductwork so we can provide the most effective recommendations.

For Unique Cooling Needs

Your space may include server rooms, or rooms with a higher concentration of people, like a call center or waiting room. You may have rooms with higher intensity lights, and more computers. These all contribute to the solutions we recommend.

Our promise to you

  • An honest assessment of your needs with a no-obligation free estimate to install a new cooling system
  • Professional installation and followup by licensed technicians
  • A one-year guarantee that your installation will be free from defects in workmanship
  • Maintenance programs to keep your new cooling system working at top efficiency
  • Installation in new constructions or existing buildings, designed for the unique cooling requirements of each space

Conventional Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you need a single condenser or a full rooftop unit, we can provide solutions for all your cooling needs. During our initial free consultation, we’ll examine your ductwork to ensure that it will allow for sufficient cooling and let you know if you need additional ductwork or repairs for leaks and inefficiencies.

Ductless Systems

If you already have a ducted system but still find yourself with hard-to-cool spots, like server rooms or conference rooms, ductless systems are a great addition.

Ductless air conditioning systems are compact, wall-mounted units about thirty inches long by twelve high. They’re accompanied by an outdoor compressor that’s about the size of a small suitcase. The two pieces are connected by thin copper tubing and electrical wires.

They’re quiet, energy efficient and ideal for cooling tough spots and individual rooms.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems

VRF air conditioning units are ductless systems that give you superior control over individual rooms, allowing you to precisely maintain temperature based on any given room’s cooling needs.

This system circulates the minimum amount of refrigerant needed for each room or zone and since there are no ducts, energy waste is eliminated. That means better, more consistent cooling and lower costs.

VRF systems use inverter compressors, which are designed to adjust to your cooling requirements. They are also less susceptible to failure, and can easily be isolated and replaced if they do fail, without affecting your system’s overall performance.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems

These systems work by circulating water, rather than refrigerant, throughout your ducts. The water is chilled through the use of chillers located outside your building and fans blow cool air into each room much as in a traditional ducted system.

They are “closed loop” systems which mean the water is never evaporated and added to the air.

These systems provide cost effective cooling for large buildings, warehouses and industrial applications. They are also popular because they don’t contain any refrigerant, which means no environmental hazard.

Electronic Zone Dampers

Zone dampers provide another way to cool a multi-zone building. A damper is installed into the ducts for each zone or room, giving you the flexibility to control each space individually.

We’ve worked with customers from manufacturing, car dealerships, hospitality, restaurants, data centers, churches, schools, funeral homes, healthcare and more. Whatever your commercial cooling needs, we can recommend a system that will work for you.

Service And Preventive Maintenance

Our furnace maintenance program offers you the most economical and flexible methods for maintaining your heating systems so they run at maximum efficiency.

Following a regularly scheduled maintenance routine will help you avoid costly emergency situations and will extend the life of your equipment. Plus, our maintenance programs offer perks like discounts on parts and labor, and priority emergency service.

We schedule and maintain your system depending on your unique needs.

Commercial Cooling Solutions For Any Need

Whatever you need, we can design a solution that works. From small professional buildings to large warehouses, we’ll size your space and make recommendations for cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to suit your unique needs.

We’re available to educate you so you’ll feel confident in your investment. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch right away to find out how we can keep your building comfortable.

Thanks for always being there for me, whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, you and your guys are top notch and on time.Thanks again for many years of past success and also to our future relationship.I always recommend you to my friends for their homes and businesses.

Mitchel L. Friedman

Whether you have an immediate emergency or want to talk about future options, reach out for a free estimate to install a new air conditioner or cooling option.

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