Air Purification & Filtration For Your NJ Commercial Property

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Improve Air Quality

Poor air quality can lead to health and breathing problems, complaints of headaches and fatigue, and increased instances of allergies and asthma. And if airflow is a problem, some offices may be too hot, while others are too cold.

Improve Productivity

Temperature and humidity are aspects of air quality that impact people, processes and productivity. Air quality can directly contribute to your bottom line. Why not make it the best it can be?

Our promise to you

  • An honest assessment of your needs with a no-obligation free estimate to install an air purification or filtration system
  • Professional installation and followup by licensed technicians
  • A system designed around your facility’s unique needs
  • A one-year guarantee that your installation will be free from defects in workmanship

Air Filtration

Proper air filtration can improve overall airflow, normalize temperatures, reduce allergies and illness, and contribute to higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

Commercial buildings can have intensive filtration needs, especially as people move throughout the building, sending dust and other pollutants airborne. We can recommend air filtration systems, change filters regularly and ensure that your building is receiving the proper amount of fresh air to meet current health standards.

Air Purification

There is more to airborne pollutants than dust. In a commercial building, cleaning chemicals can contribute, as well as toxic emissions from new carpets, upholstery and paint. In close working quarters, bacteria and viruses can spread among employees, leading to dramatc losses in productivity and output.

The solution lies in air purification. There are different types of systems, some that kill germs right inside your building’s ducts with UV light, others that disperse harmless hydrogen peroxide to kill germs on surfaces like desks, computer keyboards, copy machines and doorknobs.

Depending on your needs, you can eliminate up to 98% of pollutants so you and your employees can work and breathe easier.


You may not think of humidity when you think of air quality, but low humidity – especially during winter months – can contribute to illness, sinus problems and allergies.

When your space is properly humidified, not only does it keep people healthier but it helps preserve the life of the space itself – from paint to flooring and furnishings. Our humidification systems are designed to keep your space at the proper moisture levels during dry spells, whether that’s during the long winter months or all year long.


Pollutants, germs and even odors cling to moisture in the air, exacerbating asthma, illness and allergies, and creating a potentially unhealthy and unpleasant working environment.

Plus, excess humidity is notorious for damaging paper, equipment, natural woods and other everyday objects. If you have a damp space, or if you have sensitive equipment that requires specific moisture levels, we can design a dehumidification system to suit your needs.

We have used Coastal Air Conditioning over the course of many years at Aberdeen Town Hall and have found them to be very reliable and knowledgeable in all that has been required of them. They have always been available for emergency situations and have responded to them on very short notice. The workers are quite courteous and very helpful as well.In closing, we would definitely recommend Coastal Air Conditioning as a company that you can count on to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Jim Lauro

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