Beat Back-To-School Germs With Air Purification & Filtration

By September 19, 2017July 29th, 2018Air Quality
Beat Back-To-School Germs With Air Purification & Filtration

September means back to school and all the trappings – new books, new backpacks, new shoes – and plenty of new germs. From science labs to cafeteria tables and gym floors, germs are just waiting to hop onto your kid’s hands and clothes and hitch a ride into your home.

There’s no doubt that back to school often comes with sniffles, sneezes and sometimes worse. Exposure to new environments can affect allergies and asthma, and exposure to rooms full of other kids can instigate colds and flus.

There isn’t much you can do about the air quality and cleanliness of your child’s classroom or lunch tray, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless to protect your child from allergens and germs that make it home.

Here’s how air purification and filtration can improve the indoor air quality in your home so that your whole family can breathe easier and even fight off unwelcome viruses and colds.

The Germs Are Coming. Are You Prepared?

Once germs get into your home, all you need are the right circumstances and then the colds and flus start. And we probably don’t need to tell you that as soon as one person gets sick, the rest of the household starts to fall like dominos.

That’s because the germs have nowhere to go and can sit and silently spread as your family suffers. Even antibacterial soaps and cleaners may not be much help. Overuse has given rise to stronger and more resistant bacteria.

Your best bet to fight off those nasty buggers is air purification. A good whole house air purification system can kill germs, allergens and pollutants without chemicals and without inadvertently making them stronger.

It’s attached right to your ducts where it does an excellent job of purifying every cubic inch of air that cycles through your central air conditioning and heating system. What that means to you is: germs in, clean air out, and better health all around.

Start the school year right. Talk to us about improving your air quality.

How Does Air Purification Work?

Remember that we said there are no chemicals involved? That’s good news for those who are worried about building stronger germs and also about introducing even more pollutants and potential allergens into the home.

Air cleansing comes from a combination of UV light, water and special oxygen-powered cells that create naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide particles. These particles circulate through your space as air is moved through your HVAC system, not only killing airborne particles but surface germs as well. The only thing left behind is clean oxygen and hydrogen.

As a germ killer, hydrogen peroxide has been used by medical professionals for well over a hundred years. It’s common in mouthwashes and toothpastes, doesn’t leave a residue or emit gasses, and eventually decomposes into simple water and oxygen.

Unlike passive filters, like the ones that sit at the opening of your vents and wait for particles to pass through them, air purifiers actively purify pollutants as air circulates through your house.

How Effective Is It?

The effectiveness of an air purifier is dependent in part on the brand you choose. We’re fans of the Reme Halo, which kills up to 99% of harmful bacteria, yeast, allergens, viruses and mold, both in the air and on surfaces. It also eliminates up to 85% of toxic gasses and those not-so-fresh smells that are common when our homes get closed up tight during cooler weather and everyone is sniffling in bed.

It even works on the nemesis of many households with kids – the E. Coli bacteria. It’s just as effective at knocking out Strep, Listeria and the Norwalk virus. Got pets? An air purifier will reduce or eliminate dander and even odors. Pollen, smoke odors, musty smells, the lingering whiff from that pot roast you burned… say goodbye to all of it.

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What About Maintenance?

Maintaining an air purifier is easy. It can be checked by your HVAC contractor at the same time that you do your regular spring and fall maintenance.

The Reme in particular is designed with a quick-release opening for no-tool maintenance. There are no extra filters to replace beyond the ones already installed on your HVAC system, and the special cleaning cells only require replacing every two years, which means minimal upkeep or added expense.

The average person takes nearly 25,000 breaths each day, and that doesn’t count extra breaths due to exercise or physical activity. That’s a lot of opportunity to bring germs, allergens and pollutants into your body! So if you’ve got kids and dread the inevitable back-to-school sniffles, or if you want to set your family up for a healthier winter, consider how an air purification system can help.

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